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Here is a document from Jo with her 7 favorite messages to set positive classroom norms for the start of the school year.  The last page is a summary that you can post in your classroom. 

Click here for the US version of Positive Classroom Norms (seen above) 

Click here for the UK version of Positive Classroom Norms

Here are some of our Assessment for Learning (A4L) strategies we chose with David Wees.

These come from David’s longer post that can be found here.

Have a great start to your school year!


UPDATE: We have just posted a UK version of the norms document here:


36 responses to ‘Back to School Messages

  1. Thanks Jo, It is not the start of the year in Australia but great resources none the less. I am currently doing your Stanford online course and thoroughly enjoying it.
    Cheers Shane

  2. Thanks Jo, these are great as usual! However… there any chance of an English version using Maths instead of Math?? For some reason it really turns my kids off when they hear/see ‘Math’. Thanks.

  3. Thank you so much, I will be sharing this with my faculty at the opening of the school year so that we may encourage all to have a positive math experience this year!

  4. So timely – I am starting to prepare for my classes that start Sept 2. I am returning to the secondary classroom after 5 years as a consultant. I have been following, reading and taking your courses. Planning to teach with a growth mindset.

  5. These are so helpful! Thanks for your work to keep some of new ideas we learned from “Teaching Maths” in the forefront of our thinking. I look forward to reading these emails every time.

  6. I took the class last summer, loved the ideas and way of thinking, enthusiastically tried to incorporate it into my 7th grade math classes, but it didn’t translate well. I will not spend the time I did on it last year.

  7. Excellent suggestions and encouragement- demonstrating math can be creative, engaging, interesting, puzzling and that making mistakes is part of our learning process- wow!

    I hope curriculum developers are paying attention!

  8. Thanks for the resources! I loved the class! I am wondering if there is a kid-friendly video clip that explains the brain research around brain growth. I will share that messaging in my classroom but it always helps to have reinforcement from the outside.

  9. Hi Jo, I’ve been reading, watching the videos and all, but I’m still not convinced by the first rule – ‘Everyone can learn math to the highest level’ or – everyone can learn anything.
    for example – I don’t have a PhD and I’m not sure I can get one. I don’t understand high-level -concepts when I read about Nobel Price winners’ research.
    and when I look at my experience in school – I would agree that everyone can make it to the finals, but not everyone can achieve the highest level.

    or am I wrong?

  10. I am loving this site as well as the seminar I took this summer. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
    This has made the start of my year with teachers much more interesting, challenging, and rewarding.

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