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YouCubed is a nonprofit providing free and affordable K-12 mathematics resources and professional development for educators and parents.

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Our new website with new content and tasks is coming in January 2015.
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First Steps

Big ideas

We will feature short, high quality video ideas, featuring Jo & friends. Watch to learn about ways to build self-confident, math-loving children and students. Hear from students and experts, and see how it works in classrooms.

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Content & tasks

We will increase understanding of the most important math concepts, and provide engaging K-12 tasks aligned with the Common Core State Standards to use in classrooms and at home.

Math & Innovation

We will feature math problems used in today’s innovative companies. Click to see what math problem Google needed to solve recently.

Tools for parents

We will support you with ideas and resources for helping your children at home and advocating for them in school.

What's Next?

The fully operational site will be filled with tasks, materials, and video ideas. We will provide help with moving to teaching math in a more engaging way with examples of the Common Core Standards. We will feature the math worked on in today's innovative companies.

Once YouCubed is fully up and running we’ll provide customized professional development plans that include video, resources and workshop options designed to improve math teaching and learning.

In The News

Recent Talks

  • May 8 - 10 Ontario, Canada
    Ontario Association for Mathematics Education, OAME, Annual Meeting

  • May 26 - 29 Hefei, Anhui Province, China
    National Center for Educational Technology, New Media, New Technology Teaching and Application Symposium and the 7th National Secondary and Elementary School Interactive Classroom Teaching Practice Demo Show,

  • June 26 London UK
    Annual Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties Conference

  • July 21 - 23 San Diego, California
    Mindset, Mathematics & Common Core Transition
    Mindset, Mathematics & Common Core Transition

  • September 25 - 26 Denver, Colorado
    Colorado Council Teachers of Mathematics, CCTM
  • October 9 - 11 Portland, Oregon North West Mathematics Conference

  • Nov 7 - 8 Ontario, Canada
    OAME Leadership Conference

Upcoming Talks

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  • "...It has helped me think about the transition to common core and how to help my students develop a love and curiosity for math." Michelle Koo
  • "...As I plunge into another year of teaching second grade, I intend to hold the torch high that you have lit..." Dori Faust
    San Jose
  • "...Thank you so much for this wonderful way to allow this information about these new reasons and methods to be spread to so many people (teachers, parents, etc.) at once..."Carmel
  • "...It's like an answer to my dreams of math teaching and learning..."Elisa Cortina
  • "...I was searching for a process of learning math that would change the attitude of students from dislike to enjoy... this was the change I needed..."Deb Crane
  • "... As a homeschooling mom, I'm always looking for new opportunities to become a better teacher and this class has revolutionized the way I think about (and therefore teach) math. You have opened my eyes to the research behind things such as the negative effects of over-testing and "drill and kill" methods that I sensed intuitively were detrimental..."Nichole Middleton
  • "...I never realized how math could be made so interesting besides the way it is usually taught... I will approach teaching math in a whole new light... I feel empowered and motivated to change how I teach this school year. You have taught me to look at math as an art and to teach it as such."Donna Young
  • "...You have taught me to look at math as an art and to teach it as such..."Sincerely a dedicated teacher
  • "...Throughout my schooling years, I had enough “bad” experiences with math that I was left feeling stupid and incapable of doing it...
    I cannot tell you the relief I now have that I can learn math myself, and I can teach students that they can too..."Middle School Teacher